What should i do at 18.5 years old when it finally hits me that i do in fact have a type! help??

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2017 in a shell

(Posted a month late because that’s just the way my life is going lately..)



  • Started my last year of archery competitions 😦
  • Went ice skating too many times to count
  • Patiently began to wait for the current president to be impeached
  • Started my last (!) semester of high school



  • Visited Drake for Alumni Scholarship day (and no, I didn’t get it)
  • Ate the best mac and cheese of my life at the Drake Diner
  • Worried about the 70+ degree heat in Des Moines in February (I shouldn’t have worried; considering class was cancelled yesterday for 4 inches of snow)
  • Spent an obscene amount of time in the car driving to and from college visits



  • Went back to Drake (and met Griff this time!)
  • Shot an all-time best and got 6th place at the SCPA tournament. Yes, I am still bitter.
  • Came within 6 points of the state team record at the same tournament. Yes, also bitter about that, too
  • Skipped St. Patrick’s Day yet again
  • Stressed out about college
  • Got excited for everyone committing to their respective colleges!



  • Travelled to Duluth for the MN state archery tournament and won 3rd.. not our best moment, and yes, we are bitter about that one, too.
  • Finally committed to Drake with about 15 days to spare
  • Regretted going to prom and did not have the time of my life



  • Okay, a lot happened in May.
  • Made a big hair chop! Fully aware it’s a stereotypical senior girl thing to do, but I waited 4 years for that moment. Fight me
  • Rode a coach bus 17 hours down to Louisville, KY for baby’s first national tournament!
  • Proud to announce that I am #523 in the nation of female archers
  • Threw my papers in the air on the last day of school 🙂
  • Graduated high school! Good riddance!
  • Started working like mad..


  • Okay, my June was fairly boring so I’m going to spare you all the raw details. Let’s just say that was a pretty low month for me and I’m very glad it’s behind me



  • This was the month of theater: I saw my two favorite musicals!
  • I saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the Ordway as a birthday gift, and man was it great.
  • I also saw Joseph with one of my friends, and while I don’t think any production can top the DVD with Donny Osmond, I still really enjoyed it!
  • I finally turned 18! I’m now free to gamble my life away
  • At the end of July, my family also traveled to CO for a week. Although I wasn’t a fan of the 14 hour car ride, I loved Rocky Mt. National Park and hope to work there for a summer someday.



  • After the longest summer of my life I finally moved into Drake, with an absolutely stellar roommate, just so you all know.
  • I joined the color guard at Drake and loved getting to know everyone in guard and band.
  • I also managed to split my lip open by being hit with a flag at my very first game. Definitely an interesting start..
  • I celebrated my newfound 18-ness by getting three ear piercings (double lobes and one triple!)
  • Wished all of my friends well as they all headed off to their colleges to rock the world…



  • I survived my first Drake homecoming (not too bad, if you don’t count the 100 degree heat)
  • I pledged Kappa Psi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity at Drake! I think it’s definitely one of the best things that I’ve done since arriving.
  • I met so many new people and made a ton of new friends in my pledge class and loved (almost) all of pledge semester.
  • I survived my first college tests


  • I went home for the first time and loved seeing my beautiful cats.
  • I started to figure out what exactly to do with myself with all of this spare time.
  • Won big (a $15 Subway card) at bingo!
  • I finished the colorguard season, and promptly got sad because there’s no archery to look forward to anymore.
  • I was adopted into the best KY Rho family! I genuinely love my entire family with all my heart.


  • I went to my first KY formal! Not gonna lie, it was the most fun I’ve had at a dance since junior prom. Absolutely, 10/10, would recommend.
  • I made it home for Thanksgiving break and managed to celebrate 3 holidays over the span of less than a week.
  • I spent a lot of November confused as to why the weather in Des Moines was still over 60 degrees most days…
  • Realized exactly how delicious the peanut butter party flavored ice cream from the C-store is, and became addicted. It’s bad.



  • Survived my first finals week ever!
  • Went home to Puchi (aka Toast), my family’s new dog, who has no eyes but is still one of the cutest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever met.
  • Spent most of the Christmas break laying in bed or at work
  • Was gifted a blender for Christmas, and it was absolutely the best present of the year.

Here’s to 2018, y’all. May we leave 2017 in the past as a stepping stone to a better and much more exciting 2018.


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My very first frat formal

Dear friend,

I just want to write about my first KY formal before I really forget about it. I’m so glad I went and danced because it has been a long time since that happened for me, and I think I forgot how much fun it is.

My entire family was in attendance but I think the most we got in a picture at once was 3. It was really nice to talk to them. Plus, I learned that my grand-dad is a much better dancer than I will ever be, and consequently is a lot of fun to dance with. I guess there’s a tradition that everyone waltzes around and bumps into one another during “Piano Man” and I danced with him. I’ve never waltzed before. Not gonna lie it was a fun experience.

I also danced the Cupid Shuffle and learned a new line dance which was quite a bop. There seem to be a lot of new dance traditions I am learning. The Alligator song was played and that was interesting to say the least, mostly because I was wearing a dress. I think it would have worked better if I was in pants.

It was also very interesting to watch all of the completely hammered people dance. It’s definitely a show. There were some wild dance moves going on there which, not gonna lie, I could get down for. It is also funny to see what kind of drunk people are and how different they are from their sober selves! I didn’t think I was really a party person but maybe that’s starting to change… these are the sort of people I would want to party and dance with.

Overall I really enjoyed dancing with everyone, especially my family. I’m so grateful for everyone who made me feel welcome. KY really is one big family. I’m so glad that I decided to go, because I really genuinely enjoy dancing at formal events. I think I’m going to need another one to happen soon….

Love from,


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Dear Friend,

Things have been getting better lately. I am not so bad anymore.

This past week, my roommate and I watched Perks of Being a Wallflower. I don’t know if I just forgot how wonderful that movie is or if I never really understood it before this. I really do feel like Charlie a lot, and I get how he was feeling. I really do. It really hit home and I am really grateful for the book and film and knowing that other people out there get it.


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Music is weird

music is weird…I have such strange, picturesque moments associated with some songs. The song “Fireflies” by Owl City takes me immediately back to a 7th or 8th grade dance boppin with my friends, a glo stick and a 50 cent air head that my dad gave me money to buy.

The song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac gives me a snowy February morning in with Sam Hazo playing us this song through the speakers of the band room

“When Doves Cry” by Prince brings me back to a chilly morning at the U of M for the CIS Comp visit, and browsing through the notebooks in the basement of Coffman at the bookstore (also that bookstore is the best one I have ever been in I am sorry, Drake)

Also, I’m procrastinating my fys essay by writing this post. What is wrong with me

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Shit happened, but in a good way

WELL an awful lot has happened in the two months i have been AWOL from this blog. Since July, I’ve packed for college, moved into college, and spent a wonderful 4 weeks here.

I’ve been here at Drake for about a month now and I am 100% sure I made the right decision coming here. I have met so many wonderful people and gotten completely out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. I know this sounds kinda sappy but I am genuinely happier than I’ve been in a long time.

For the past four years during high school, I felt like I didn’t have a lot to keep going for. I felt like I was just going through the motions to get out of high school for those years. I couldn’t wait to leave. Whoever said that high school is the best four years of your life was definitely wrong. But now that I’m at Drake, I feel like that’s changed. I’m getting involved with activities and events that I am truly passionate about, and I’m in classes (for the most part, at least) that I was excited to take to further my education towards a future career. I’m no longer getting up every morning, going through the motions and falling asleep exhausted.

After 18 long years, I’m finally getting the chance to LIVE, and it’s so refreshing. I’ve always been independent. I dreamed of moving to the city and leaving my old small town behind. I haven’t looked back (except to wonder what in the hell the senior theme is this year…still can’t tell). It gets better. I know I’ve barely started my college career, but i think I’ve changed so much already. I always thought I was a very introverted person during high school, but it turns out that’s not quite true. I just wasn’t surrounded with people who I wanted to be around, and it’s amazing.

I joined the color guard here and although we’re small it feels so good to have guard back in my life. If only Drake had an archery club! I’m considering starting one, to be honest, but the cost of equipment is $$$$! So if anyone knows of some help, I’ll gladly accept it. I’ve also joined the SAB or student activities board, and I’m on the events committee so I get to help plan events on campus–which is super exciting. I’ve also joined the Be The Match organization on campus which organizes drives to register people for the bone marrow registry.

Last but not least, last week I rushed for a professional pharmacy fraternity. If you’re not familiar, it’s a Greek organization structured around the pharmacy profession. They hold professional events as well as working for their philantrophy and doing fun events too. I had thought about rushing socially but I ended up not doing it. I attended the first event out of curiosity and to my surprise I found a fraternity that I got along with and really liked. This past Tuesday was formal recruitment, and in the middle of the night Wednesday night I woke up to members outside my door offering me a bid! I have felt so welcomed and loved by the Kappa Psi community already, before I’m even an official pledge. I so wanted a community and family of support when I came to Drake and I’m so happy I’ve found it. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me.

Alright, I think that’s about it for now. Hopefully, I figure out this “regular posting” thing and post a little more about my new life here to write all of the memories here! But for now, my heart is so full. I’m so excited for the next six years.

Love, Annika

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what’s the Buzz? (My first professional musical theater show!)

Jesus and the Ensemble during the Overture and Heaven on Their Minds (Does this photo appear as a painting or is it just me?!?!?) Photo credit to Rich Ryan photography.

As one of my birthday gifts from a few weeks ago my parents gifted me with tickets to see the production of Jesus Christ Superstar at one of the theaters in St. Paul (on opening night no less!!!) I was soooo excited as this musical has one of my favorite soundtracks and this would be my first professional musical. I’ve seen a lot of high school productions and community theater shows over the years but there is definitely a difference in a professional produced, fancy theater with ushers and fancy lounges and some serious staging and lighting and a grassy outdoor amphitheater.

If you are not familiar with the tale of Jesus Christ Superstar, it is a musical from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber about the last week of Jesus’ life, but it’s told mainly from the viewpoint of Judas. I think the plot is fairly obvious so I won’t go into much detail.

I should mention though that although the base of this musical is pretty obviously taken from the Christian bible… you do not need to be religious to understand or enjoy it. Take me… I am an atheist and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Seeing this won’t make you religious nor will it force anything religious on you! It’s just entertainment 🙂

First, my family ate at the Chipotle across the street and then headed over to the venue about half an hour before the show started. The atrium was so pretty and had these gorgeous lights over the grand staircase. They also had floor to ceiling windows on one wall so you could look over at the park across the street. However, it wasn’t much of a view because there were lots of trees blocking the fountain, but I did not mind since I was mostly people watching.

When we had about 15 minutes left we went to find our seats. They had an usher working at every door leading to the theater so the woman at our door brought us to our seats and handed us each a program. Our seats were on the second floor, on the side. We had a pretty good view of the stage although it was hard to see what was going on in one little corner. The only thing that really impaired my view was the little girl sitting next to me who was SUPER wiggly and not being contained by her mother. Although she didn’t talk and stayed mostly quiet, it was irritating to constantly have to move around in order to have a view of the stage and not a view of the back of her head.

I thought the stage design was pretty cool. I don’t have a picture I took myself, but here is one from the venue where you can see it best:

The cast during “Simon Zealotes” with Simon at the front bottom. Photo credit to Rich Ryan Photography

It’s hard to tell, but there is a large raised square where the ensemble is standing. There are steps behind them that lead to a large “T” walkway going off the sides of the stage and there are steps on the side in the front too that you can see in this photo. I realize that this isn’t the best explanation or photo but I thought that the set was well thought out and designed and worked really well for the play.

I also liked that they had some sort of screen in the very back, which changed throughout the play. In the photo above, you can see a cloudy sunset but it also changed to a moon during the arrest scenes, and glitter during King Herod’s Song.

Jesus and the 12 Disciples at the Last Supper. Judas is in blue, last on the right hand side.  (Photo credit Rich Ryan Photography)

Of course, I have to talk about the cast. I am finding it hard to find anything wrong about the cast…the casting was very well done and every actor and actress seemed perfect for the role.

A few things that this production did differently was the casting of a black man as Jesus, and the casting of a woman as King Herod. I liked these ideas and thought they made the musical more interesting and diverse. Simon and Peter the disciples (the two main disciples besides Judas) were also played by black men.

The man playing Jesus completely blew me away. He was amazing and (this might sound cheesy but oh well) had so much passion in his performance. His take on Gethsemane was very well done and conveyed the hesitation and anger of having to die very well. It was my favorite song of the night. The high notes were spot on. I honestly thought that the length of those notes was edited because I had only listened to soundtracks before that night…nope! I have no idea how, but he held it for ages. I was so impressed; I honestly had no idea a person could hold a note that long live. One thing is for sure, he definitely has a good pair of lungs.

The man playing Judas was also a great choice. Although his voice wasn’t quite in the same range, he made Judas very relatable and personable. Often we hear about Judas as a demon or something very evil and not a person at all, and although I know the point of the entire musical was to show Judas (and Jesus to an extent) as just a person, I thought his performance was especially convincing. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Judas and the position he was in.

Of course the entire cast was amazing. The women playing Mary Magdalene and King Herod had amazing voices too. Minnesota is so full of talent- I love it. It was also so thrillingly creepy to hear Caiphus’s super low voice which was honestly so scary and freaky. Forget Disney villains or Voldemort, the bass voice of Caiphus is all you really need for a good villain.

Overall, I soooo wish I could go back again, or have a DVD of the show. Or even a CD of the audio. I won’t be able to go back, both because of the cost (professional theater is not a cheap pastime, people! I’ve got to get rich so I can keep this up) and because of other commitments. Hopefully I will be able to find a bootleg of it somewhere, someday….I would pretty much give my left arm to have a DVD. (Ordway, if you’re listening…I think that a DVD of the show would be a pretty good idea to start doing if you don’t already…)

OK I am rambling. So I’ll wrap this up quickly: IT WAS AMAZING. I AM SHOOK. MAKE THIS CAST FAMOUS ASAP

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